Hymns of trusting God for all that is ahead

(Revised in contemporary language, to be prayed instead of sung, since the meter has been changed)

I Need Thee Every Hour    Original words by Annie S. Hawks

I need You every hour, my gracious Lord; 
There is no voice like Yours 
        that so tenderly brings peace to me. 
I need You every hour, please stay near me;
Temptations lose their power when You are near.
I need You every hour, in joy or in pain,
Let me feel Your presence 
        or else life seems empty.
I need You every hour, every minute of each day,
Make me entirely Yours, Most Holy One.
I need You! How I need You! Every hour I need You!
I kneel before You now, 
         waiting to be blessed by Your presence.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace             Words from scripture

Lord, you will give perfect peace 
        to those whose minds are focused on you.
Don’t be surprised when I tell you 
        that you have to be born again to experience His peace.
Even if sin has dirtied and stained your garments, 
        they will be washed as white as snow.
If Jesus makes you free, you will be free indeed 
        and know His deepest peace.

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