December 17, 2020

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.                                             Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

Notes for adults and older children: 

This passage has been a comfort and encouragement for countless believers over the years. We can rely on God’s continuing work in our lives, transforming us into people who more closely resemble Jesus Christ. Romans 12:1-2 shows that God does this for those who trust him with their lives, by changing the way they think. With this new perspective on life, we will desire the good and helpful actions that Jesus displayed. And these actions will not only please God but will give us a fulfilling life and help prepare us for Christ’s second coming. 

Notes for young children:

While we wait for Jesus to return, we can learn more about God and what is important in life. We can do the things that Jesus said are important, like praying, helping other people, and loving God and other people. God wants us to become more and more like Jesus and he will help us to grow like that if we ask him to. We want to do things that are good and not bad, not to make him love us (he already does love us), but because we want to love him back by pleasing him. It’s like waiting for your parents to come home when you’ve done something especially good. You can’t wait until they see or hear about what you have done because you know they will be pleased. 

What do you think you could do that would please Jesus?


Father, we want to be ready to see Jesus, whether it is when we go to heaven or when he returns to earth. Thank you that we can know Jesus now in our hearts even though we can’t see him yet. Please make us more like Jesus in loving you and loving other people. Thank you for loving us and helping us do the things that please you.

Advent activities:

An adult hides small wrapped treats (piece of candy or snack or tiny gift), one for each member of the family, labelled with their name, in a limited area such as one or two rooms. All family members go to look for the treats at the same time, each looking for only one treat. If you find your own name, leave it where you find it and keep looking. You must find a treat with another person’s name on it and take it to them and present it as a gift [putting the other person first]. How does receiving a treat that someone gives you feel different from finding your gift by yourself?

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