Discovering God’s heart through Christmas celebration

Advent is a season of looking forward to the coming of the Christ, the one who would make it possible for imperfect humans to become right with the perfect God, becoming God’s loved children. Although we usually focus on Advent as a time to prepare ourselves for celebrating Christmas, it is actually a time to anticipate multiple “comings” of Christ. He came to earth as a baby at Christmas, but he also comes to each of us who believe in him and follow him, living within us. And he will be returning to earth in His glory as the King of kings. 

By now [December 13], most of us are fully into preparing for Christmas, with pressures and possible fears about the unknown (Is it safe to gather with my family? How far can our strained finances stretch for gifts?). This may be the perfect time to set aside just a few minutes daily to settle our cluttered minds and longing hearts as we think about the love God wants to share with us through his son.  I invite you to join me for the next eleven days to consider brief Advent devotionals that will help all members of your family –from children to grandparents — to experience God’s loving gift.  

The short devotions begin with a Bible passage and an application of the theme for younger children, with simple but profound truths that can provide encouragement to any age. It includes a family prayer and daily activities that seek to demonstrate and apply the theme in a fun and “concrete” way. I encourage parents to adapt the children’s portion as needed, sharing your own related spiritual experiences, and explaining and/or expanding the content, based on the developmental level and spiritual understanding of your children. 

My prayer is that you will find these devotionals helpful to your family as you anticipate and celebrate the past, present, and future comings of Christ into our human world and lives. Use this Advent season to draw closer to Jesus by focusing on his coming to earth, his coming to each of us as Savior and Lord, and his coming in glory to rule over the world.

May this Advent season draw us each to understand the wonder of God’s greatest gift to us in a deeper and more personal way. And may our experience result in the spread of this good news to others, and ultimately…

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased.” Luke 2:14 ESV

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