A Prayer for Holy Week, 2022

Jesus, teach me what Your crucifixion really means,
The cross lifted up with You, the Man of Sorrows, condemned to die.
Help me understand what it cost You to make a sinner whole,
And help me recognize the value of a soul.

Teach me the meaning of Your death.
I now know that if I had been the only sinner, 
You still would have had to die.

Help me understand Your love that has no comparison;
A love that reaches deeper than my guilt and despair!
Help me believe and experience Your love more deeply,
Until there is a glimmer in my cold heart,
A pale reflection of Your pure love.

Teach me what Your death and resurrection really mean, 
Because I am full of sin, and only grace can reach me,
and only Your love can win.
Teach me because I need You -- I have no other hope.
And I am the sinner for whom You, the Savior, died.

Teach me what it means that You give rest
To all the anxious and weary who look to You and live.
Although I have been a rebel, I received Your pardon.
Because You have said “I will,” I do believe.

Infinite Redeemer I don't have any other plea. 
Because You have invited me, I cast myself on You.
Because You accept me as Your own, I love and adore You,
Because Your love has warmed my heart, I'll praise You forever more.

Based on the hymn “Oh, Teach Me What It Meaneth” 
Lyrics by Lucy A Bennett, written early 1900’s